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5 Quick Tips to improve your website Search Engine results

Posted by: Karl Bowers
If you are struggling to get effective search engine results for your business website here are couple of things to consider:
  1. Does your site have unique service pages?
  2. Is your site listed in Google Places?
  3. Does your site have social media links (ie. Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin).
  4. Do you have supplier websites linking back to you website?
  5. Do you have an SEO expert in place?

1. Do you have unique service pages on your website?

In order be effectively found in Google search engine results, the structure of your website should ideally have unique detailed pages for each service that you offer. Each unique service page created and published on your site can be then be indexed by Google (and other search engines). This then allows Google and other search engines to publish search results for each of your services for potential customers to find your services. For more information on creating effective service pages I have published a further article which you can read here.

2. Is your site listed in Google's 'Places for Business' ?

Using Google's ' Places for Business ' listings feature is an extremely effective way of gaining traction on your existing search engine page results (providing your website page have been correctly Search Engine Optimised in the first place). I have also found this to be the case with brand new websites that have just been published to the web with a new domain name. Because the domain name is brand new and never be published before, Google and other Search Engines give that domain's search engine results less priority in the short-term because they don't initially trust them (usually not until they have been up and running for a good 2-3 months+). But by registering the following details (on Google's ' Places for Business ' listings feature):
  1. Company Address.
  2. Company Phone / Email.
  3. Website Address (link to company website).
You are effectively telling Google the following:
  1. This a genuine existing company at this particular address (great for a Google Maps listing!).
  2. The company has an existing / current website (and here is the link to it).
In my experience this usually helps boost poor performing search results, although it should not be considered a ' fix ' for poorly optimised website pages. Always ensure that all your website pages are correctly Search Engine Optimised to begin with. See point #5 below for further details on this. You can register your business on Google's ' Places for Business ' listings feature here.

3. Does your site have social media links?

Over the past 12 months Google have been continuously re-developing their search engine algorithms in order to serve the best possible results for Search Engine users. One of the key things to have come out of these changes is that Google now favors sites that have implemented Social Media links such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The reason being is that Google makes the assumption that if you are engaging with customers over these Social Networks you are in effect drawing more traffic to your website, hence making your site more attractive and relevant in search engine listings. So by using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and placing the relevant social links on your website pages, you can improve your websites exposure and ranking in Google and other search engine listings.

4. Are supplier websites linking back to your website?

If possible ask your suppliers or other ' related ' businesses to provide a website link from their website back to your website. Commonly referred to as ' back linking ' this is an incredibly powerful way to gain a better position in search engine listings. However, one important thing to be aware of: make sure the suppliers sites linking back to your own site are ' similar ' or  ' related ' businesses, ie. they are in the same industry as you are. For example there is not much point in a Driveways Contractor website being linked to a Hair Salon website as the two business do not operate within the same industry. ' Back linking ' of course works both ways as you can help another ' related ' business by also linking to their website.

5. Do you have an SEO expert in place?

My fifth and final tip is that if your website is under-performing (or indeed failing miserably) in search engines listings, then seeking the advice and services of a Search Engine Optimisation expert is your best option moving forward. An SEO expert can look at the following on your website:
  1. The initial build structure of your website (assessment of your service pages).
  2. The quality of page content (the use of wording for effective search engine results).
  3. The physical code structure of the site (can the search engines effectively index your site pages for search results).
This is of course something I can help with so by all means get in touch via the details below for further feedback on this. Over the next few weeks I will be publishing further articles expanding in detail on the above pointers, so please be sure to call back! Or if you have any further questions do hesitate to get in touch via the details below.
Posted by: Karl Bowers in General | Search Engine Optimisation

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