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My Top 10 ExpressionEngine Development Modules

Posted by: Karl Bowers in Expression Engine | General | Software | Web Design
ExpressionEngine is a fantastic content management system with plenty of advanced core functionality to cater for most modern site builds. However (as with most pieces of software) there is always room to make it ' truly awesome ' by adding third-party modules into the mix. Fortunately there are some pretty amazing developers out there that really have taken ExpressionEngine to the next level, by creating some amazing custom add-ons.

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What is a CMS?

Posted by: Karl Bowers in General | Software | Web Design
So you have seen the term CMS banded around the web and are wondering what it stands for? CMS stands for ' Content Managment System ' and is a piece of software (or computer program) that is installed on a web hosting server along-side a website build.

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10 Tips to Choosing a Freelance Web Designer

Posted by: Karl Bowers in Freelance | General | Web Design
With the freelance industry becoming more popular than ever, there is no shortage of candidates to choose from. Simply doing a Google search for ' freelance web designer ' in your area is guaranteed to produce an abundance of results. So it's really important that you do some initial groundwork, in order to choose the right person for your project.

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