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How to achieve effective Search Engine Results for your website

Posted by: Karl Bowers
If you run a small to medium sized business, the odds are you already have a website with lots of useful information about who you are and what you do. You may assume that your site has all the relevant content required for your website visitors, but the way your are ** presenting ** the content may be an issue as to why your sites exposure to search engine results / visitor traffic is under performing. So the question you need to ask yourself is this: Is my website correctly structured to give my visitors and search engines detailed information about the services I provide? Time and time again I see contractor websites where under the ' services ' section, all the services are simply listed on one single page labelled ' Services '. This is all well and good but it's not the best solution for providing detailed information to your potential customers, and even worse for correct exposure in search engine results.

Allow me to explain...

A typical well structured website should (at least) consist of the following pages:
  • Home Page
  • About page.
  • Detailed page about Service A
  • Detailed page about Service B
  • Detailed page about Service C
  • Contact Page.
So for example, a Domestic Driveways & Garden Patios contractor would have the following on their website:
  • Home Page.
  • About Page.
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways. (Service A)
  • Block Paving Driveways. (Service B).
  • Garden Patios. (Service C).
  • Contact Us.
As you can see in the example above I've simply labelled the Services A,B and C to highlight the actual service pages. By structuring your website with individual service pages you are effectively doing two things:

1. Providing Unique informative content for website visitors

By creating unique page content for each service, you are allowing yourself the chance to focus in detail on the core elements of that particular service. This in turn allows you really ' sell ' each unique service, by providing high quality content for the website visitor / potential customer.

2. Providing Unique Content for search engine traffic.

Not only are you providing rich detailed information about your services to your website visitors, but you are also giving correct exposure for results in the search engines. When it comes to providing search results for your website, the search engine logic is pretty straight-forward: if you provide good quality detailed pages on your site (ie. individual service pages) then you are if effect providing good quality pages for search engines to index for search results. So for example, in our Domestic Driveways example above we are providing quality page / search results for ' pattern imprinted concrete ' , ' block paving driveways ' , and ' garden patios '.

Bottom line: Always create ' service ' pages!

So to summarise: if your business website generically lists your services on a single ' services ' page, aim to have it re-structured to provide ' unique ' content pages for each service you offer your website visitor. Both potential customers and search engines will thank you for it!
Posted by: Karl Bowers in General | Search Engine Optimisation

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